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What Is a Medmoment?

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

The moment anyone experiences disbelief after learning about a serious medical problem is called Medmoments.

I began using the term many years ago when patients expressed what it was like to be told they had a disease or an illness that required immediate attention. Individuals have Medmoments when told to change their actions for better health.

On occasion, physical discomforts force us to reflect on our longevity. We stop to realize how fragile life can be. For instance, chest pain may represent a heart attack, and knee pain may be the result of carrying too much weight. Medmoments can snap you into knowing that weight loss is inescapable. It may only take seeing a vision of being unable to lift up a toddler, having shortness of breath climbing a hill, or suffering a severe headache at work.

Pay more attention to the deterioration of health and the shortening of longevity associated with obesity. Any refusal to let weight take control of your health shows concern, an indication that you are ready to react and become part of the Total Health Network family.

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