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OBHealthy Vitamin Picture.jpg



Experience the
Healing Power of Food
Incorporate our Health-Specific Healthy Ideas
Look and Feel Great
Take Control of What You Eat
Start Healing Today
   Enjoy Culture-Specific    Meal Plans and Recipes
Soul Food, Caribbean Food, Veg/Vegan Food and More
Meals can be Healthy
as Well as Delicious
Let Us Show You How
Dr. O.Bey has 30 Years of
Weight Loss Experience
No Pills, Starvation or Gimmicks
Eat Real Food for Natural and Healthy Weight Loss
Half The Calories
Twice The Health

$5 Per Month

Healthy Weight Loss is Finally Affordable

Dr. O.Bey's New Weight Loss Book with his Amazing 14 Magical Steps to Weight Loss

Additional Bonus you get our 10-Day Jumpstart Weight Loss Challenge Plan


We specialize in Soul Food and Weight Loss for A Slimmer You


We use Healing Thru Food and Weight Loss for A Healthier You

The show focuses on health education and wellness while explaining common health conditions

Have unlimited access to the videos


Smiling Woman


..(Diabetes) what a great topic to discuss Dr OBey... My mother passed away at the young age of 28 due to Diabetes (leaving 5 little girls behind!) Diabetes was & still is a chronic disease that.... 

Smiling Girl


Luv that book. I eat with it, sleep with it and even walk with it. Lol, But it keeps me motivated and excited about my next meal, because I plan them the day before and that's a great challenge.... 


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