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"...(Diabetes) what a great topic to discuss  Dr OBey... My mother passed away at the young age of 28 due to Diabetes (leaving 5 little girls behind!) Diabetes was & still is a chronic disease that affects many people of color! It was real different back in the early 40's! But with technology being the way it is today, people are taking this disease very seriously...and with diet & exercise, people are living longer! So I'm trying to take eating healthy very seriously! I was truly shocked to see that I lost over thirty pounds since March of this year! I don't weigh myself at home, because I would be disappointed if I didn't lose anything during the week! (I lost weight) by following EAT One/Half and not adding butter, sugar, mayonnaise, soda, fried foods etc... and drinking 8 cups of water daily! Normally I don't add cheese to my diet, however since I lost a little more than I thought, I decided to buy some low sodium to put on my spinach omelette this morning!


Luv that book. I eat with it, sleep with it and even walk with it. Lol, But it keeps me motivated and excited about my next meal, because I plan them the day before and that's a great challenge. When I reach my 60 lb goal, which will be a total of 110 pounds. My treat is to meet Dr. OBey in person to get an autograph copy of his book. I am going to do this!   

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