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Public Speaking

Omar Bey M.D.

Your audience will get a truly inspirational and magnetic speaker with real-
world experience. Dr. O.Bey is a practicing nutritional support and critical care pulmonary physician, author, TV host, and the brainchild of,  a proactive informational website. His belief that health, education, and wellness are necessary to achieve longevity has been heard across the world.


A favorite motto, “Half the Calories, Twice the Health” supports his Eat-One/Half approach to reducing weight, but most important his healthy weight loss process has improved many lives.


Dr. O.Bey is an out-of-the-box thinker on topics and questions related to health. If your organization or corporation is seeking a speaker with the ability to motivate and inform attendees at an upcoming event or conference.


Click here to reach Dr. O.Bey

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