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Taking the First Steps with EAT One/Half make Weight Loss easy

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Taking the first steps to lose weight validates your yearning to change. If you are ready to enter a fat slimming contract with your body, establish a bond between mind and body, and connect thoughts to physical actions then you have taken the first step. Once the contract is enacted, you will be embarking on a new approach to managing weight: one that is right for healthy living. Steps outlined in the EAT One/Half Weight Loss plan serve as guidelines to release pounds safely and steadily.

Start by setting objectives to produce predictable results. Staying dedicated to your intent can help maintain focus, reducing the likelihood of straying from the main purpose-reducing weight. Organize tasks to implement the steps according to your schedule of readiness. Starting by implementing the first two steps into your life is a great way to begin. Step 1: Be Truly Committed. Step 2: Cut High Calorie Foods in Half. All 14 Steps are located on the website in the EAT One/Half Weight Loss section. The goal is to implement all 14 steps because weight loss is an ever, evolving journey.

Wondering what to expect during the initial phase of the weight loss plan is normal. Anticipation can bring excitement. You may become more interested in foods that take up space in the stomach to override feelings of hunger, or enjoy the ability to cook new recipes. Likewise, you may expand awareness on learning to swap less healthy foods for more healthy ones. All kinds of interests can expand around buying, preparing, and eating different foods. Along with the thrill of newness, take the beginning steps and be delighted to accomplish more:

• Become an active role model for your family.

• Overcome the displeasure of being in photos.

• Imagine your life without major health problems.

• Feel confident and secure in workplace situations.

• Use good eating habits to set an example for others.

• Participate with others who enjoy outdoor activities.

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