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Make Weight Loss Easy

Manage Your Weight In 3 Easy Steps

The Eat One/Half weight loss program is a one of a kind active interlink between healthy eating and fitness, focused on wellness and weight loss. It offers the necessary guidance and support needed for true success. 


Try our innovative tools and platform featuring an interactive connection of individuals, peer groups, healthcare professionals, and industry leaders, all here to assist your weight-loss journey.


Get started now with only 3 steps!

Eat One Half

1. Get The Book

This book encourages you to take control of weight loss. Whatever challenge you face, the EAT One/Half™ approach brings together efforts to build a balanced eating lifestyle. By becoming a member, you can read and enjoy the ebook for free.

2. Follow the 10-Day Jumpstart Weight Loss Challenge


This 10- day jumpstart weight loss challenge places an emphasis on making healthy eating choices. It fosters support, encouraging you to take control of your weight.

The weight tracker places an emphasis on making healthy eating choices. It fosters support, encouraging you to take control of your weight.

Half The Calories, Twice The Health

Try Out The Weight Loss Tracker

Shop our EAT One/Half Products

Become a member to have access to EAT One/Half products, or shop for items individually.

Download the 10 Day Jumpstart Weight Loss Challenge


Jumpstart Weight Loss Challenge

Be in Control
Take the Pledge
Download Here


Anthony Tucker

Dr. Bey thank you for your encouragement and advice during my weight loss journey. So far, I've lost 47 pounds and I'm going to continue to lose more! 

Shelier Grady

 Luv that book, I eat with it, Sleep with it and even walk with it, Lol, But it keeps me motivated and excited about my next meal because  I plan them the day before and that's a great challenge. When I reach my 60 lb goal which will be a total of 110 pounds my treat is to meet you in person to get an autograph copy of your book. I'm going to do this.

Sonia Witherspoon

I like the concept of Eat One/Half, I get to eat half the calories and gain twice the health. I follow Eat One/Half on Facebook and lost 15 pounds without trying.

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