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Privacy, Terms & Conditions Agreement

The Total Health Network is about caring and sharing health information. Our main objective is to help each other achieve better health and wellness. In addition, our focus is to care enough to help improve our individual health and share what we have learned with others. Essentially, the mission is to show respect, provide support, and offer experiences for you to progress with the goodness of understanding the importance of healthy living and eating. The following are our terms and guidelines:

1) The posting of foul language, hateful statements, nudity, sexist or racist materials or pictures will not be tolerated.
2) The posting of videos, advertisements or commercial products is prohibited.
3) All pictures must be related to health, education, nutrition, wellness, and/or weight loss.
4) Identifiable and/or private information should not be posted.
5) Any post that violates these guidelines will result in the removal from the website.

By signing up for membership you have agreed to the above terms and guidelines.
We look forward to you joining our Network of members who are benefiting from their connection to the harmony of a healthy lifestyle. By caring and sharing, members are part of our wellness stories and successes. Overall, the intent is to inspire, promote, and increase the passion for a healthier you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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