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EAT One/Half
Weight Loss Tracker

This weight loss tracker is common sense oriented and places an emphasis on making healthy eating choices. It fosters support, encouraging you to take control of weight loss.

EAT One/Half Weight Loss Tracker Advantages


Simple user experience with feel-good colors and easy to use navigation. You can personalize your homepage to remind yourself why you are on this journey with health hints to help you keep going. Our weight loss network is unlike any other in friendliness.



Track your nutrition, liquids, and exercise quickly and simply with our category structured tracker. Visually see how much you're eating with our EAT One/Half plate filling up as you add servings, and see our notifications once you reach your goal.


Set your goals according to how quickly you want to lose weight and how much exercise you want to do a week. Watch your progress as you use our weight loss network, and keep track of how much weight you are losing!

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