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Healing MedMoments 

Healthy Healing

Health truly is everything and healing is a natural part of nature. Healthy healing requires knowledge about how the body functions and the nutrients that are required. The challenge is to explain: what health is, how to achieve it, and how to maintain it. Let's get healthy together!


MedMoments are signs and symptoms that bring attention to potential medical problems. The body is masterful at giving warning signs. These medical symptoms that we call MedMoments, should never be ignored. Our goal is to help you recognize those MedMoments (or warning signs), so that health conditions can be alerted or prevented.

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Patient Story

The patient is a 64-year-old overweight female that complains of having no energy to do anything. Lately, she has been drinking a lot of water because of dry mouth and has been going to the bathroom often to urinate. She noticed her ankles turning dark and swelling, also tingling in her toes.



What are MedMoments?

The moment anyone experiences disbelief after learning about a serious medical problem is called medmoments. I began using the term many years ago when patients expressed what it was like to be told they had a health condition that required immediate attention. Individuals have medmoments when told to change their actions for better health ....

  • Feeling tired a lot of the time even though you have not done much

  • Wounds heal very slowly

  • Tingling in your hands and feet

  • You have to urinate frequently

  • You are very thirsty

  • Your vision can get blurred 

  • Very hungry most of the day

  • Having very dry skin

  • Weight loss and you are no dieting

  • Prone to getting infections


Let's Talk

Insulin is required by the body to convert food into energy.  Without insulin, sugar from food cannot enter the body’s cells and the sugar builds up in the blood.

  • Type l diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes requires the patient take daily insulin

  • Type ll diabetes or non–insulin-dependent diabetes can be controlled with diet, exercise, and medications

  • Risk factors for Type ll diabetes are age greater than 40, obesity, family history, race and lack of activity.

Uncontrolled diabetes is the leading cause of death and disability in the United States.

Diabetes can be diagnosed by a fasting blood sugar test. A blood sugar test is taken eight hours after your last meal.

If the blood sugar is greater than or equal to 126mg/dl on two different days, a diabetes diagnosis is most likely given.

What can be done 
  • Commit yourself to the medical regimen set by your doctor.

  • Follow a balanced meal plan, eating a moderate amount of food at regular intervals.

  • Limit foods that contain sugar and fats.

  • Do not skip meals.

  • Eat more fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

  • If you are overweight then weight loss is important.

  • Physical activity is also important because it helps the body use sugar.

  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations.

  • Become a member and have access to health-specific nutrition.  

Learn More
  • Members can access Dr. O. Bey’s "A Moment in Medicine" health videos on Diabetes. 

  • Health-Specific nutrition: Healing Through Food  

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